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What shall you do when Epacket is much slower?

It's October, the 'rush season' of the year when Ecommerce is enbracing its peaking time yearly. As dropshipping agency, we have noticed Epacket speed is much slower then other time of the year, saying 4 or 5 months ago. It usually takes less then 2 weeks for orders to be delivered and now it's over 3 weeks, sometimes a month. Many of dropshippers are flooded by emails from impatient customers and keep pushing orders daily. Why is that? And what are the solutions?

Firstly, I would like to say, it's very normal and predictable for something happening like this. Been in Ecommerce industry for over 10 years myself, the curve is always like that. Every year after Sepetember, all Ecommerce portals have seen double or even triple orders on the daily basis. Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Shopify, and all other platforms combined. Big part of those orders are shipped through Epacket or other postal services like China Post. It means longer handling time, longer waiting time from one spot to another. In regular seasons, parcels only take about 2 or 3 days before those land on the flight abroad, it's easy to hit one week or even 10 days in rush season for the same process. Once the orders are aborad and processed in a foreign facility, the rest part of the shipping should be normal.

As a dropshipper, we all know the slow shipping time can lead to higher return/refund rate and bad customer feedback. So what can we do? To fasten the shipping speed in order to calm those angry customers to keep business healthy?

I think there are two solutions for this.

1. If your sales are quite stable and focusing on only one or few markets, you should consider using a local warehouse to have your orders processed. For example, if you mainly sell in US market, you can have your products shipped to an US warehouse in advance, and have orders processed daily once sales coming in. Of course it requires some upfront capital to pay for the products and shipping, but customer experience will be so much better. Normal USPS only takes 3 or 4 days for orders to be delivered.

2. If you can't do local processing because of some reasons, you should consider using a diversified shipping method rather then Epacket. The logic behind it is simple. It's like when you are selling a hot product, the more people selling it, the slimmer the chance is for everyone. The reason Epacket is so slow is because it's been used by too many dropshippers. If you are using a rare route, your chance of orders waiting longer on the line is also less. Because you have spent time doing this research like other parts of your business. You deserve a faster delivery, right?

In fact, we've using alternative shipping methods for some of our clients and shipping time is just 9 to 12 days for the main markets, such as US/UK/Spain/Germany.

Here's some proof for less 12 days delivery:

If you are interested in improving your shipping speed with Epacket, or you want to use a reliable souricng agancy to help scaling your winning products, please feel free to check us out on

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