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Marketing Tip: Create Content!

We’re in the Information age, and with such, your store should provide information as well.
Content creation is one of the basic marketing currency of online businesses today. If you think that content creation is only for bloggers, vloggers, and alike, you’re missing a whole opportunity.
In the Internet, content is key if you want to get noticed. Sure, you can place some ads on Facebook to get noticed, but to keep customer engagement, it’s best if you produce content.
Also, relying on ads alone is costly. When you create content, you’re actually creating tiny assets that will serve as free marketing for your business. With proper SEO, you can be crawled up by Google’s algorithm.
Think about this blog. This blog serves helpful to readers like you, but at the same time, it gives us a way to be established in SEO and search engines. When people look up on these topics, they can find us – and eventually discover our business. Do the same for yours!

3 Ways to Create Content

For your e-commerce store, you can create content in 3 ways:
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • YouTube


Your store can actually have a side blog where you can write in content about your business. An example is this website. As you can see, we’re mainly a service business website, but we have a tiny section for blogs. This same applies to sites like Shopify, Alidropship and Oberlo.
The good thing about blog is it’s connected to your website, meaning, once SEO crawled to you, people will directly go to your store.

Social media

Your social media outlets are great way to produce content as well. Don’t just show pictures of your products, create content there.
Depending on the platform, you can write posts, post pictures, create memes (for fun), and upload videos.
If your social media outlet is engaging and not just selling products over and over, people will engage with you more – which means, they will buy more from you and/or more engagement will result in wider potential reaches – to serve new customers!


We all know that YouTube is king of all videos (and content exposure in general). So if you’re planning to create videos as your main content or even just a side content, it’s best you have a YouTube channel for your store.

Bonus: What Content to Create

What content should you create? It all boils to these: either they inform people or entertain them.
Your content should NOT sell – leave it to the ads! Though posting sales posts from time to time isn’t bad, but primarily your content should gear towards providing information relevant to your business.
See, you don’t create content to talk about your business, but to talk anything related to it.
An example is what we do here. Basically, we’re a fulfillment dropshipping service business, but why do we write about marketing and these stuff? Has this something to do with our business?
Maybe not, but, it helps our customers, which in turn, they engage back at us. It also helps in building trust. Eventually, some of them will buy our service – which you may want to check out, by the way.
Create content that will help or entertain your customers. That way, they may come back for more!

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