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How to Spot Bad Suppliers

If you’ve read most of our articles, you will see how we stress the importance of supplier relationship in your online store.
Simply put, your supplier will make or break your business. If your supplier delivers cheap quality, ships late, or worse, is a total fraud, your business is in BIG danger.
While there’s no guarantee if you’re safe with a supplier, may the following list be a guideline to spot a potential bad supplier.

1. Negative Feedback

The best signal you can get to check a business performance is customer review. While they’re not the total reflection of the business itself, reviews are more likely to be accurate than expert advice or, of course, how the business present themselves.
So when there’s a negative review on a supplier, you should be watchful and double check by learning more information about them.
Keep in mind though that having a bad review doesn’t make a supplier bad. You have to weigh in the reviews you can get and see if that really means a supplier is bad or it’s just a “normal” review level – always expect good and bad reviews to any business.

2. Cheap product

Never, ever compensate cheap subscription fee for a cheap product. Your product is your business’ front, so ensure you deliver well and deliver with quality. If a supplier can’t produce cheap product, they’re simply not someone who you should be dealing with.

3. Late shipping

If a supplier is reputed with delayed or undelivered product, stay away from them.
There’s no point making business with anyone who can’t fulfill their business obligation.
Among others, they’re in the business of delivering your product, so averagely at least, they must deliver. Simple as that.

4. Unreasonable conditions

If they focus on insisting fees and shows little promise of delivery (of their service), then that might be a sign of fraud.
But it’s not how much they insist, keep this in mind. Some suppliers do ask for an initial fee before they make business with you, and they do work with you once you paid.
A good way to check if they’re a fraud is by looking at the reviews. If the star reviews are low and many people shout, “THIS SUPPLIER IS A SCAM! STAY AWAY!!!” then you should probably stay away.


The signs above are red flags you must consider about a supplier. If one of them showed up, be vigilant, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally bad (although you don’t want to sacrifice product and shipping quality!)
Luckily, Dropshiphouse can help you find suppliers for you once you grow up. We work on product sourcing, which means, we find the best manufacturer in China that manufactures your product, and at a minimal fees possible.
If you want to learn more about dropshipping, be sure to check our FREE e-book here!

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